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Creative Non Fiction:

When I connected with Robin about editing a series of poems and family stories I required a quick turn-around, which she met and exceeded. Not only did Robin provide a meticulous review of my grammar and sentence structure but I found myself learning along the way. Bonus! When we discovered a glitch in the document from which I was working, she quickly and graciously revised the process. I came to enjoy her feedback which was filled with humor and a relational approach. I can hardly wait to work with Robin again.

- J. Gwilliam          

Master's Thesis:

I was wading in the waters aimlessly feeling alone and overwhelmed as the waves of anxiety kicked in. "I don't know where to begin, or how to organize my thoughts clearly". I was sucked deep in the undertow of self-doubt. Out of nowhere a life raft appears in the form of Robin, just as I was taking my last gasps of air. Robin breathed life back into work that I no longer felt confident in. She made me feel like I could swim through the murky waters of my research project. She was able to clearly point out when things didn't sound quite right and edit those things that were repetitive, all the while making careful suggestions and understanding that the work is truly mine. Robin quickly understood what my research project was trying to state, supported me and gave me the confidence to complete it. I only wish I had found her sooner to uplift me when I was starting to drown in self doubt. I highly recommend her work and look forward to swimming with her again someday.

- K. Behboudi          


Robin has edited all of my five self-published books. Our editing process was what made me believe in my work; I have developed my writing significantly over the years, and this would not have been possible without a truly dedicated editor who has not been afraid to criticize yet has always underscored that the final decision rests with me, the author. What I enjoy the most is the personal element in the critique I receive. I would highly recommend hiring Robin for any editing project, whether it is a short article or a book manuscript. 

-S. Hillbom          

Master’s Thesis:

I was referred to Robin while completing my Graduate Thesis. She was completely professional, very prompt, and helped take my thoughts, research, and data organization to the next level. I ended up winning an award for my thesis, and I know I would not have been recognized if it weren't for her. It was money well spent. If I complete any more written works in the future, I would definitely be a return client. Robin is an APA BOSS!

-J. Fancy-Landry          

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